Trendy eyewear for individualists

Designer glasses made from renewable resources

Be it sketches, newspapers or bank notes, we are surrounded by paper.
It is simply there, we do not even really notice it any more.
How about if we did something completely new with it?
What about making glasses out of paper?
They must be light, comfortable, stable and unique, preferably totally original.

We proudly present: PaperStyle

After lots of attempts, tinkering around, tests and prototypes we created the first glasses made from paper. Even more ideas and tests followed, resulting in new collections.
PaperStyle eyewear is finely crafted from renewable materials.

Eyewear as a statement – the perfect glasses

As a young label we have set ourselves high aims: There must be alternatives to mass-produced plastic goods that are made far away under possibly dubious working conditions.
So it’s back to our roots: genuine craftsmanship, fresh design and natural renewable resources.