The Thin Collection – Look different

Light paper glasses from PaperStyle

Making frames 100% out of paper does not exactly make for light work. And yet the result is more than light, in fact ultralight.

One sheet of paper is delicate and flexible. Many sheets of paper, laboriously compressed, result in a sensationally malleable, stable and yet light material. The practical everyday paper glasses from PaperStyle are born!

From paper to style

Up to 20 layers of coloured paper form the basis for these light glasses. Resulting in a unique colour pattern that makes each pair a one-off original. The excellent quality special paper is pressed, glued, vacuum dried and processed using specially made, three-dimensional milling cutters in a patented process.

Just Paper – the facts about paper glasses from PaperStyle

  • Just thin: 3,0 mm
  • Just light: under 14 g (with hinge)
  • Just comfortable: Nose pads cast from paper granulate ensure optimum comfort.
  • Just unique: Each frame is unique, as paper is extremely changeable and reacts differently to manual processing.
  • Just best quality: We only use the best fine paper from the Italian traditional company Fedrigoni.
  • Just stable: The frames are unbreakable.
  • Just individual: Exclusive and distinctive thanks to elaborate handcrafting.
  • Just Paper: just PaperStyle.

Thin Collection – M

Thin Collection – S